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Rosha Nutt / Artist & Art Direction

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Profile and About Rosha Nutt / Artist & Art Direction

Rosha Nutt’s flower works see her iconic pop art style progressing to a new stage. With her bold, graphic, colour-rich work, Rosha hopes to bring a new vision to modern flower painting.

Reflective of today’s society where only the most beautiful are picked, flowers have traditional associations with life and death. Within the language of flowers (floriography) each has a meaning and healing potential too.
Rosha turned her focus to flowers after having numerous pieces of Pop Art challenged with copyright and trademark infringements by big companies like Chanel; although she still adds to her popular line of Lolly prints and expands the line with other pop art inspired images.

Rosha Nutt is a London-based painter who attended Central Saint Martins and graduated from Middlesex University with a BA Hons in Fine Art & Computing. Rosha has worked commercially as an advertising art director for many years; she now focuses all her energy on painting from her north London studio.

Rosha’s work is represented by a number of Galleries and sold all over the world, Scream Gallery, Print Club London, Gallery One, Dubai. Rosha’s work is currently available to buy online through Saatchi Art -

Please contact me for more information or comissions:
t: 07847 200703

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Rosha Nutt
Mobile: 00 44 7847 200703
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Everlasting strawflower

wild pinflowers


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Lolly Printing in Action


Lolly print small

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Work on walls & Products


2015 10 07 11.55.19

2015 09 17 11.15.12

2015 10 07 12.18.47

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Modern Icons


Lolly Triptych

Lolly Canvas Editions, range of sizes available with <a href="" class="a_ext_link"> G-1 Gallery Dubai</a>

Triptych Moët

Moët Canvas Editions, range of sizes available with <a href="" class="a_ext_link"> G-1 Gallery Dubai</a>


Snake Edition size: Limited Edition 95 // Hand-pulled 3 colour screen prints <a href="" class="a_ext_link"> SCREAM Editions</a>
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